Bring your big Adventure with the severe with Max motion business.

Bring your big Adventure with the severe with Max motion business.

From axe organizing to free-roaming virtual real life, almost always there is the latest venture to achieve.

Zero Latency Free-Roaming Digital Truth

With nothing Latency, you’re certainly not actively playing the game, you’re IN the game. Your body is the control and everybody around you was within the games at the casino same time. A really, mind-blowing VR experience!

Difficult. amazing, and incredibly exciting. Are offered in and have the next level of virtual facts inside of this advanced gaming technologies. Decide on different activities or play them all!

Ebook Nowadays

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Undead Arena unique

Everyone relatives are stars of a Post-Apocalyptic sport Show in an ’80s-retro globe. Overcome the road up a multi-level area for the pleasure of an audience starving for mayhem, plus the entertainment of one wildly keen game program hold. Success, and grow stories. Lose, and get in on the Horde. Get ready for the Undead field.


Submit an elegant, classic, alien industry wherein the law of gravity isn’t as it appears. It is the a lot of fun, puzzling multimedia fact walking quest that’ll give you questioning a real life.

Zombie Survival

A powerful and immersive VR practice regarding willing to try her zombie apocalypse survival skills. You’ll need to make use of their team to cope of swarms of questionable zombies, reconstruct defensive barriers and hope you can survive for enough time for help to occur.

Sol Raiders – Enhanced

Form the team and prepare for blistering, team-based resist across 3 diverse charts, complete with distinct targets. The greatest internet real life eSports label for 8 people.

Mission Perhaps

A family-friendly enjoy the place where you enroll with Arkie on the quest to eliminate the girl curse, the maniacal prodigy, Dr. Maybee and rid the environment of their risky goo. Its a cooperative VR journey for all the participants ages 10 and up.

Each Adventure is approximately twenty minutes / $25 per pro

Decide lengthier VR has? Check out these video!


Join an immersive, science-fiction shooter isolated on a place section. Struggle to your death against monster robots whenever explore slim corridors, treacherous lifts and zero-gravity circumstances. You’ll want to interact with each other to get out active and discover the solutions you’re looking for.

Episode Beginnings – Intermediate

Thrilling zombie shooter experience because battle ultra-realistic zombies. The epic chief struggle ending could keep each and every team gripping your own firearms. Incomparable by far the most innovative free-roam multiplayer VR zombie games available!

Each practice is approximately 35 hour / $50 per user

Video game titles is often played with at least 1 to 2 professionals adequate a maximum of 6 athletes at once! Athletes need to be 10 or seasoned.

Negative Axe Axe Throwing

Get your aggressive fruit drinks moving and confront your friends to an adrenaline jam-packed Axe Throwing class. An individual don’t must be a lumberjack to enjoy tossing axes at a wood goal for pointers and enjoyable.

Manageable and safe. Once you toss very first axe, you’ll generally be addicted! Years 18 or over best.

Rates happens to be per way.

  • fifteen dollars for a quarter-hour (optimum 4 visitors per way)

X-D Theatre

Cook to leap into a unique, multi-sensory, 5-D knowledge of a world of wind, surround sounds and thrills generate a heart-pounding adventure for the entire families. Their show seat can perform over 100 exercise an alternate or over to 2 G’s of velocity, therefore you don’t merely notice event, you really feel they!

Decide on five various 5D actions tours:Dino safari: examining the remarkable significant dinosaurs until a crazy rainstorm unexpectedly happens will all succeed out?Cosmic Coaster: take advantage of the viewpoint whenever you journey through this out-of-world knowledge, persevere tight and grit your teeth involving this uneven ride!obsessed my own: experiences some paranormal activity whilst you discover yourself to be jammed within troubled mine, and remember dont submit that Indian consecrated ground.Toy Store: get on an airplane and luxuriate in this enchanting drive though a model stock come to life!Aqua Ride: can get on a sub and also have a peaceful ride through this fishes packed sea.

  • $8 per rider
  • 4 competitors for $28

Disorder Leap Digital Truth

An Immersive Tethered VR encounter. Two action-packed game to pick from:Reclaim: an interactive member vs professional the place where you exchange to many systems to battle their challengers with a grenade or gun.Chaos hop: a collaborative shooter where you as well as your teammates come together to attack off programs and capture coins.You don’t need to be a hard-core player to leap into this virtual world today as well as have an enjoyable experience.

Each Enjoy is roughly 15 minutes / $12 per member


Seated: 10:00am-11:00pmSun: 10:00am-10:00pmMon-Fri: Noon-10:00pm